To sell a subscription go to:

  1. Sign into desktop application.
  2. Click: Ticket Booking, then Patron.
  3. Look up patron.  If listed go to step: 5
  4. If patron is not listed, enter patron information below with the following fields as the minimum: Title, First Name, Last Name, Province, Email, Telephone number.  Mailing Address is not mandatory.  When entered click: New.
  5. Select patron in patron summary list (Looks like excel spreadsheet) - This will load the patron information in the Patron Registration Details (lower section).
  6. Click: Buy Subscription and a website will load allowing you to purchase a subscription.  Select subscription (if more than one), then number of subscriptions and click Add to add to order.  Then select payment type (Cash or Credit Card).
  7. For Cash payments collect the amount listed in the amount due section. 
  8. For Credit Card payments a screen will appear asking you to input the credit card details.  Click Pay once entered.
  9. An email will be sent to the subscriber confirming their order.  You can issue a receipt with their name and subscription information if desired.

a: The email sent to the subscriber will inform them when the tickets are available for selection.  If the tickets are not available yet for selection, they will receive an email 10 days before the tickets become available to the general public to allow them to select their tickets early and to get the best seats.

b:If the tickets are available the patron may select their tickets at this time by either:

1: Selecting their tickets at home (easiest)

2: Selecting their tickets through you.  For selecting tickets through you, click here.