zThe Abbey

zThe Abbey

Beech Street Theatre Company presents: The Abbey, written by John Green.

Two bumbling bank robbers, with the cops in hot pursuit, drive their get-away car off the road in the middle of nowhere. Forced to walk through the forest, they stumble upon the perfect hide out - a deserted Abbey. They soon discover that they are not alone when they meet some very quirky monks, - who are keeping an ancient secret.

Dinner will be served on the main floor at 6:00pm with the show following at 7:30pm on the second floor. Please note that the second floor is not accessible.

Dinner and Show: $78.78 including all taxes, ticket fees, food and entertainment. Does not include beverages or gratuities.

Show only price of $33.58 including all taxes and ticket fees.

No refunds/exchanges once tickets have been purchased.

Dates June 22, 23, 24.

Preview June 17: Dinner & Show $53.92 - No show only tickets available.

Venue: Indraprastha Indian Kitchen and Bar